The Exodus Road

The Exodus Road (TER) is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating and eliminating human trafficking worldwide. Since 2012, TER's efforts to investigate trafficking claims, undermine anti-human trafficking groups, and eliminate child trafficking have led in the arrest of over 800 traffickers and the rescue of over 1500 survivors, with the number of survivors growing every day.

Human trafficking must be eradicated, and intervening in this crime requires immediate action. That's why The Exodus Road, based in Colorado Springs, fights human trafficking on the ground in the United States, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and an undisclosed Latin American country, by empowering law enforcement, equipping communities, releasing trafficked individuals, arresting child traffickers, and providing care and support to trafficking survivors.

Through prevention and training, direct action with police, and victim aftercare, the Exodus Road advocates for and supports the most vulnerable among us. This organization's activities serve as an open message to human traffickers all across the globe, stating that the weak deserve to be protected rather than exploited.

Humans are never purchased, sold, or abused under The Exodus Road's vision.

The Exodus Road team works to dispel the darkness of modern-day slavery by collaborating with law enforcement to combat human trafficking, enabling communities to protect the vulnerable, and supporting survivors as they make their way to freedom.

TER's mission is to not only provide law enforcement with the tools and training they need to detect and prosecute human traffickers in their communities but also to generate the finances and awareness required to ramp up preventive efforts and put an end to modern-day slavery for good.

The Exodus Road, founded by Matt and Laura Parker and located in Colorado Springs, CO, has grown into a global team of committed individuals.